The Pender Building,
new resident information

Start Here . . . . .

If you just bought or leased a Pender condo, congratulations.  And your next step should be to call Tom Bond at 757-625-3502.  She can help you set things up and she needs some info from you.  A couple of forms you need to complete are the following:

  • Resident Information - contact information for all residents for the Norfolk Fire Department, and so the association can contact residents regarding services and emergency situations,
  • Pet Registration - All pets in the building must be registered with the association. If you have a pet or plan to get one be sure to talk with Russ about the Association's guidelines.  Currently several of the residents have a pet.

Kimberly will help you schedule your move-in.  Parking for trucks and vans can be a problem if you don't plan ahead.  Don't count on the loading zone in front of the building, it's time limited and it supports several restaurants.  Elevator pads are available (Kimberly can tell you where) and they must be used for moves and for any large, or bulky deliveries.  We have had problems with damage to common elements during moves and ultimately the owners will be held accountable. 

All residents are subject to the Pender Association rules

All condo owners are members of the association and must follow the guidelines detailed in the condo documents.  One rule is that when an owner leases their unit, the lease must include the Pender Acknowledgement Form.  This form states that the tenant/s will comply with the Association documents.  So everyone living in the building follows the same rules.  These documents can be found at this site and include the Declaration, By-Laws and Rules & Regulations.  The Rules & Regulations include information from the other documents as well as additional resolutions added by the Board of Directors.  The Resident's Manual was written to familiarize new residents with the building and help them set up services.

The Declaration and By-Laws describe the condo development and how the Association is formed and managed, and are of primary interest to owners.  New tenants will likely find the Rules & Regulations and the Resident's Manual more informative about living in the Pender. 

Residential Services

Residents enjoy a number of features and services supported by the association.  These include elevator service, telephone-actuated electronic entry system, common area cleaning, exterior window washing, pest control, individual unit water metering, sprinkler & fire alarm system inspections, and trash removal.  The 2013 Service Schedule is available to view or download*.