The Pender Building,


The documents listed here include the formal documents provided by the condominium project developer and the documents developed and authorized by the Condominium Association.  Document versions provided here are for the convenience of owners and residents, and may not be the current version.  For official copies of the documents, contact the Building Manager.

Some of the documents can be viewed in another window, others may require a password to view or download. 

  • Condominium Declaration ( view , pdf)
  • Condominium By-Laws (view , pdf)
  • Rules and Regulations (view , pdf)
  • Rules and Regulations, Abbreviated without forms (view , pdf)
  • Articles of Incorporation (view , pdf) and Certificate of Incorporation ( view , pdf)
  • Residents Manual (useful info for residents: move-in procedures, services, etc.) ( view , pdf)
  • Pender Acknowledgement Form (required to be included in leases, tenant agrees to condo docs) ( pdf)
  • Resident Information Form (required resident info - emergency contacts, etc.) ( pdf)
  • Pet Registration Form ( pdf)
  • Virginia Condominium Act (to be added)
  • Annual Condominium Meeting Proxy Form ( pdf)
  • Certificate of Insurance: Unit owners may receive a request from their mortgage companies for a current copy of the certificate of the building insurance policy that the Association maintains. The policy is updated every year, so mortgage companies typically make the request on an annual basis. Click view or download for instructions on how to obtain this certificate.

Also, owners can link to budget information in a new window here: budgets


And minutes of annual Association Meetings and Board of Directors Meetings here: minutes.

Photos of the rear wall windows are : Overview, Overview2

Owners can link to past independent audits here: audits